A Cup of Coffee?

Recently, someone I’d not seen for ages texted and suggested we meet halfway for a cup of coffee. I jumped at the opportunity. It would be great to have a catch up. Time and place were arranged. I looked forward to meeting the following week.

A couple of days before the “catch up” there was another text. The person had double booked and so could we meet half an hour earlier for coffee. No problem.

The day arrived. The route planner said a 35 minute journey. It took an hour! I was so glad I’d set off early so as not to miss out on some quality time.

I arrived and waited at the entrance to the building. Being on time there would be no time lost on our short time together. More than 15 minutes later my friend arrived…. and needed to leave just before 11 o’clock. We had almost an hour and a quarter to spend together – a coffee and quality time to chat would be great. There were many cafes in the building.

But my friend wanted to explore the five floors of the shopping centre. So we started at ground level …… I trailed behind hardly able to hear what was being said. Great speed was involved and in certain areas there was much merchandise to distract. I managed a couple of questions and found out one or two details.

Then, on Floor 4 my friend realised it was 10.50. Oh dear, time had run out. We would have to part. No time for a coffee, oh yes I could nip in and get a take-away coffee if I wanted!! But I know what the rule is – “Don’t drink and drive!”

I had really looked forward to meeting my friend. I left very disappointed – there had been no cup of coffee as arranged, but more importantly, no quality time to chat and catch up. The time had been spent racing around floors of distraction. There had been no face to face, as I trailed behind trying to keep up. But the whole event has given me food for thought.

It was evening time and God was looking forward to quality time with the first man, Adam. Adam wasn’t at the usual place. So God asks his first question, “Where are you?” He was asking Adam, about his failing to meet at an arranged time and place. God was not asking because he didn’t know where Adam was, he was asking and challenging Adam to recognise where Adam’s relationship with God stood.

When I arrange to meet God, whether at church or in a private quiet time, do I arrive late – with no apologies only excuses. Does God find me full of my own agenda, racing along and distracted by so many things so that we don’t spend face to face quality time? At the end, I give a quick “Amen,” because there are so many other things of greater importance to be done. And I rush off.

I ask myself – “Where am I?”

More importantly God asks me – “Where are you?”

He asks you the same question – “Where are you?”

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