Just thinking about a squirrel

Just thinking – as I was gazing out of my kitchen window whether I was anything like that squirrel in the garden? I often tell friends I’m the proverbial squirrel as I hate to throw anything away and hoard so much stuff. I bury all sorts in the back of the cupboard because one day it might be useful!

The squirrel was sitting in the flower bed, scratching about for food. There was food to be had, because the flower bed backs on to the garage wall where the bird feeder hangs. Then the squirrel sat up on his haunches and his front paws were in front of his mouth. It almost looked like he was praying! Then he relaxed and started scratching for food again.

Just then a sparrow landed on the bird feeder above. Previously, I’ve noticed the sparrows are quite choosey about seeds they eat, throwing out those they don’t want. This time, the discarded seeds were showered down on the squirrel below. Blessings! Food from heaven! Answers to prayer!

Now there was such an abundance of food – sufficient to share. Would you believe it? Within minutes a pigeon flew in to the garden and waddled its way to the flower bed. The squirrel moved over and gave some space to the pigeon, and the pair of them shared the space and food.

Well this squirrel didn’t seem to be the hoarding type. He didn’t seem to have worries about food supply and sharing. Matthew 6:19-32 tells me not to store treasures for myself on earth. I’m told I’m more valuable than the birds of the air and I’m not to be anxious and worry about food or clothes because my Father knows what I need.

Thank you little squirrel. There are definitely some things to think about. How keen am I to “scratch about for food” – reading and studying the Bible? How’s my prayer life? How often do I sit in God’s presence and get food directly from the Heavenly Feeder (God)? How keen am I to get fed from my Father in heaven? How am I doing with sharing with others? Am I like the squirrel, seeking food and sharing it with others, or am I a proverbial squirrel and store things up in the back of a cupboard.

Oh yes! Before I forget! Several times, I’ve seen the squirrel climb the garage wall and hang (even upside down) onto the bird feeder and get the food directly from it. That’s determination. Now isn’t there something about, “Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all things will be given to you as well.” (Matthew 6.33) Now that needs determination – and discipline!

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